As a law firm with an international positioning, Sumerson has a worldwide network of foreign correspondent firms, located in every major financial centre, e.g. New York, Sau Paulo, London, Madrid, Geneva, Milan, Frankfort, Casablanca, Dubai, Moscow, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Sumerson was formed by two tax attorneys who were the most senior practitioners of the tax department of a Parisian office of an international firm (based in London), where one of the founders was formerly Partner and Head of Tax Department.

The motivation behind the creation of Sumerson was to provide the market with the essential services of a team operating as has been done in the past as a department of a large international firm, but in a completely independent and agile fashion today.

This agility and independence comes together in an international framework. We have the ability to CHOOSE the firms with which we work abroad (in contrast with international law firms who have the obligation to work with attorneys from their various international offices).

Over the years, we have developed an informal network of tax attorneys consisting of a very high-level group of practitioners from all over the globe.

Instead of implementing a formal network in proper form (and potentially falling again into the requirement of working with members from such a network), we have forged a number of relationships with leading industry professionals, particularly through cases worked on together, in order to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

We work with several law firms all over the globe and have contacts in most countries. We are thus able to propose a firm that is best suited to the particular case of our clients.

Upon request, we can share the name of any one of the well-established law firms that we frequently work with abroad.

Furthermore, we are active in a number of international associations and organisations such as the International Fiscal Association (IFA), the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA), the Global Equity Organization (GEO), and the American Bar Association (ABA).